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  • grego (Friday, December 05 14 05:17 am GMT)

    good to see you"ve taken the ball and run with it. its still a long way off but doing the oct fest and rugby . will try an catch ya.

  • Anne-Cécile (Thursday, October 09 14 12:03 am BST)

    Awestruck by Bastion. As I finished reading it, only one thought came to my mind: this is the story Jesse Kellerman has been trying to write, forever. Without ever succeeding at being strange,
    delicate, subtly hilarious an well written.

    Bravo Monsieur!

    Oh and uh... French is worth studying. I promise.

  • Fernando Nemoto (Thursday, February 21 13 11:02 pm GMT)

    Big fan of Chris Large. He rocks in everything he does. Amazing chef, very talented writer, and above it all a great person.

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